Status of the Watershed Reports

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Clear Streams, rivers and lakes are the signature resource in the Upper White River region of the Ozarks, providing for unique wildlife, safe drinking water, recreation, economic growth and tourism. It’s not a stretch to say that our region’s quality of life is a direct reflection of the health of our waters. The Status of the Watershed report highlights our water resources by sharing annual water quality data which we collect from a variety of sources including county, city, state and federal agencies, universities, private organizations and volunteers who take regular samples at their local streams and lakes.  Because this data comes from many sources, summarizing this information and making accurate comparisons presents a challenge.  We have chosen not to describe water quality at individual sites as being “Good” or “Bad”, but instead we compared the sites and identified water quality as being High or Low, relative to all the rest of the data gathered across the upper White River watershed. In other words, sites rated as Low are not necessarily bad, they just have lower water quality than other sites in the region. Red dots on the map and report indicate relatively lower water quality data, yellow dots represent medium water quality and green indicates that the highest water quality data was collected at these sites.

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Status of the Watershed 2018


What was measured in 2017?
567 Dissolved Oxygen values
627 Total Nitrogen values
927 Total Phosphorus values
168 E. coli counts
52 Invertebrate scores
282 Water clarity readings

Status of the Watershed 2017


What was measured in 2016?
691 Dissolved Oxygen values
1014 Total Nitrogen values
1067 Total Phosphorus values
393 E. Coli counts
43 Invertebrate scores
262 Water clarity readings

Status of the Watershed 2016


What was measured in 2015?
695 Dissolved Oxygen values
917 Total Nitrogen values
961 Total Phosphorus values
168 E. Coli counts
49 Invertebrate scores
251 Water clarity readings

Status of the Watershed 2015


What was measured in 2014?
700 Dissolved Oxygen values
1,145 Total Nitrogen values
1,477 Total Phosphorus values
265 E. Coli values
180 Invertebrate scores
305 Water clarity readings

Status of the Watershed 2014


What was measured in 2013?
• 685 dissolved oxygen values
• 1504 total nitrogen values
• 1469 total phosphorus values
• 614 E. coli counts
• 30 Invertebrate scores
• 224 Water clarity readings

Status of the Watershed 2013


What was measured in 2012?
• 744 dissolved oxygen values
• 704 total nitrogen values
• 1013 total phosphorus values
• 506 E. coli counts
• 35 Invertebrate scores
• 258 Water clarity readings

Status of the Watershed 2011


Click here for the technical report: Technical data Report 2011

Status of the Watershed 2010


Status of the Watershed 2009


Status of the Watershed 2008


Technical Data Report 2011


Technical Data Report 2010


Technical Data Report 2008


Channel Assessment 2008-2009


River Sediment Quality 2008-2009