Septic Tank Grant/Loan Program

Because of rapid population growth in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas, many people are locating to areas which are not served by municipal sewers. Wastewater treatment is done through the use of septic systems. Considering that regional soils are generally rocky and thin, conventional septic systems consisting of a septic tank and drain field are often ineffective and can pose a water quality hazard. In addition, when not maintained, even a functioning septic system can eventually fail and leach contaminants into the ground and directly into water sources. Ozarks Water Watch has therefore focused on providing resources and information to our communities for replacement of old, failing septic systems and to promote proper maintenance of existing systems.

Our Septic Remediation Program – funded by DNR State Revolving Fund Grant

SRF & Pumpout map 2015

Applicants for our Septic Programs must live in the upper White River watershed in Missouri.

Through this program, OWW  improves and protects our water quality while assisting area residents to fix their failing onsite septic systems! By participating in and qualifying in this program, depending on your household income, you may be eligible to receive up to a one hundred percent (100%), but not to exceed $30,000, grant and loan to repair or replace your failing septic tank!

How Do I Qualify?

Requirements include that the applicant own the property and live in the upper White River watershed in Missouri (see map). Download the Application for the Septic Remediation Grant program for more details.

This program is funded through a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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