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Ozarks Water Watch

We promote water quality in the upper White River basin watershed thorough bi-state collaboration on research, public policy and action projects in Arkansas and Missouri.

Ozarks Water Watch is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the water quality of the upper White River watershed. The watershed includes 4 major impoundments, three major rivers and numerous smaller lakes and streams crisscrossing over 14,000 square miles in 19 counties in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. With your help, we will work together to make Beaver, Table Rock, Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lakes the four cleanest man-made lakes in North America!

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ADEQ News Release – ADEQ completes review of C&H Hog Farms Drilling Study Report. January 19, 2017...

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West Fork White River Watershed Initiative

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Missouri State Park seeking input for new property

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Affordable water in the US: A burgeoning crisis

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Ozarks Water Watch - Beaver, Table Rock, Taneycomo & Bull Shoals Lakes

Ozarks Water Watch - Beaver, Table Rock, Taneycomo & Bull Shoals Lakes shared their post.

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Workshop Announcement: 2017 Introductory VWQM

Stream Team Class: Introduction to Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring in Missouri - Click below for ...

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Watershed Committee of the Ozarks January Monthly Meeting Agenda

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2016: A year of growth and accomplishment in MO

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